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4.5 Stars

K’s Review: Raine’s Haven by Shari J. Ryan

****4.5 ‘The Sun Will Rise’ STARS****

PLEASE NOTE:  there are two significant plot twists in this story and as such my review may be purposefully evasive to preserve the integrity of the ‘surprises’ in this story for maximum reader enjoyment.

“No one is ever old enough to know certain truths.”

The first page of this beautifully tragic tale sets the scene for a roller coaster ride of emotion that grabbed me by the throat and didn’t let go.  A boy forced to accept harsh truths and life’s unfair judgements and a girl so wrapped up in her own painful loneliness she’d lie to get what she needs without considering the cost. Shari J. Ryan crafted a powerful journey of longing, anger, guilt and remorse; I don’t think I’ve ached for a couple’s redemption quite this hard in a long time.

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K’s Review: F*ck Club: Riley by Shiloh Walker

****4.5 ‘Selling Out for Love’****STARS

If you’re like me and you play a little ‘judge a book by its cover’ occasionally you’re definitely in for a surprise here.  Despite its provocative cover and title you’ll find much more than the erotic excess of a male prostitute going about his business.  A story of painful choices, heartbreaking sacrifices and harsh realities, I devoured this tale of a long broken couple grasping for a new feature and a second chance they neither thought they deserved nor could possibly have together.

“He’d let her go so many times.  It was like holding on to water.”

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K’s Review: Text 2 Lovers by K. Webster & JD Hollyfield


****4.5 ‘Textual Healing’ STARS****

A little liquid courage and a cell phone set the stage for a cringe worthy yet irresistibly hilarious text mishap with a stranger.  Heavy on laughs and sweetness, K. Webster and JD Hollyfield give us their take on the ‘uh-oh wrong number’ text with an everyday couple navigating a new friendship, life and love – one text at a time.

“Maybe because I was enjoying the banter with this complete stranger and it felt a bit liberating to talk to someone who wasn’t already judging me.  He had no idea that I was just a mousey little thing, no backbone, no great story and definitely no modeling gigs lined up.  I was simple.  Boring.”

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