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Since the day I learned to read I knew I’d found my happy place…buried in a book.  I’m a #booknerd, passionate bibliophile and eternal seeker of the perfect book boyfriend and happily ever after.  I love my stories to have dynamic characters, strong plot lines, some spicy sizzle and every now and then a dash of angst.

I encourage positivity and do not tolerate negativity. #notimeforthat  Which is also why I do not post negative reviews – at all.

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Every time you crack open a book it’s like a blind date, yeah?

You may be familiar with the author’s works but you never know quite what you’re going to get. The shy nerdy date. The crude no repeat date. The magnificent prince charming date. The end of the world save me date.

They’re all out there…come along for the ride and go on some…

Dates With K…

Featured post

Cover Reveal: Existential by Max Henry

Coming Soon!

Title: Existential

Series:  Fallen Aces MC #4

Author: Max Henry

Genre: MC Romance / Romantic Suspense

Release Date: April 18, 2017


PreOrder Links:

Amazon US | Amazon UK | iBooks


How much suffering can a man withstand before he finally breaks? A question I used to ask myself often. Now I know the answer.

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Chapter Reveal: The Perfect Illusion by Winter Renshaw

Coming Soon!

Title:  The Perfect Illusion

Author: Winter Renshaw

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: April 27, 2017


Buy Links: TBA


It’s only pretend…

And it’s only three months.

I’m in the midst of scrawling “I QUIT!” onto his fancy cardstock letterhead when my boss corners me. He needs a favor, he says. And then he asks how well I can act … Continue reading “Chapter Reveal: The Perfect Illusion by Winter Renshaw”

New Release: River’s Edge Box Set by Lacey Black

Now Live!

Title: River’s Edge Box Set

Series: River’s Edge Series

Author: Lacey Black

Genre: New Adult / Contemporary Romance

Release Date: March 26, 2017


Buy Links:


Family is everything.

That’s the motto of the Stevens family, where nothing is secret and everything is fair game. From Jake, Nate, Will, Travis, and Avery, each Stevens sibling has one big shot at finding love in their small town, Rivers Edge.

Follow the five siblings on their quest for love in the Rivers Edge boxed set. This set contains five full length novels, as well as two novellas and a never before released short story featuring Brooklyn.

Trust Me

Fight Me

Expect Me

Promise Me: A Novella

Protect Me

Boss Me

Trust Us: A Christmas Novella

Trust Me: A Brooklyn Short Story

*Each story can be read as a standalone. For mature audiences only due to graphic sexual content and language.


Exclusive Excerpt:

I drive home in comfortable silence. I don’t think I’ve ever been content with comfortable silence with a woman before, which is just another reminder of how Avery is different from everyone else. She doesn’t feel the need to talk all the time for the sake of talking.

As we start to approach the city limits of Rivers Edge, I start to wonder what I should do next. If this were any other girl, I’d drive back to her house with no hesitation whatsoever and take her inside. But this is Avery, and like I said, she’s different.

“So, I thought maybe we’d stop by my house for a bit if that’s okay with you. This way, someone like Jake doesn’t see my truck parked in your drive and make trouble.” Even to my own ears, I sounded a little nervous as I said it. What the hell? It’s not like it’s my first time taking a girl home.

Then it hits me.

It is the first time I’m taking a girl home, to my house. I always go to their place. But the thought of Avery in my house, my bed, just feels right.

“That sounds good,” she says with another shy smile. I love that smile; it’s filled with happiness and innocence. I turn off Main Street and head down Lincoln towards my place. When I reach my house, I pull into the drive and kill the engine. Quickly, I hop out and walk around to her door. When I open it, she seems slightly hesitant, maybe even nervous.

“I can take you home if you want.”

“No,” she quickly throws out there. “I want to be here…with you.” There’s that damn smile again. I extend my hand to her and help her down from the truck and head inside.

When we step inside the dark recesses of my living room, I start to walk towards the lamp but she catches me by the arm, stopping me. I turn to look at her. The only light in the room is what moonlight is filtering through the window. Standing there in my darkened living room, light glowing off her blond hair, she looks stunning. She extends her hand up to cradle my cheek, her other hand runs up my abdomen from my stomach to rest on my chest. I step closer to her, looking deep into her eyes. She must have realized she was holding her breath because she lets out a big breath, which comes out a little shaky. I look deep into her crystal blue eyes, and that’s when I see it. Lust. Desire. Trust.

My resolve shatters like a glass vase with that one look as I push her back against my front door. Our lips are urging each other on as our desire for each other completely takes over. She runs her tongue down my neck, and I almost come completely undone in my pants like a teenage boy by that one simple move. I cradle her ass in my hands and lift her up. She threads her legs around my waist, her hands diving into my hair. I lean against her, pushing her back into the door, and she moans. It’s the sexiest fucking sound I’ve ever heard and all I can think about is being deep inside her, making her moan over and over and over again.

I press hot kisses along her chin, down her delectable neck and lick the spot where her pulse is rapidly beating. “Tell me to stop, Avery. Tell me to stop right now and I will. But if you say nothing, I’m taking you back to my room and burying myself deep inside you. I’m going to make you come and scream my name. All. Night. Long. Tell me you want this as much as I do.”

“I want this,” she whispers without hesitation and that’s all I need to hear.



Enter for a $25 Amazon Gift Card


About the Author:

BLACK.jpgLacey Black is a Midwestern girl with a passion for reading, writing, and shopping. She carries her e-reader with her everywhere she goes so she never misses an opportunity to read a few pages. Always looking for a happily ever after, Lacey is passionate about contemporary romance novels and enjoys it further when you mix in a little suspense. She resides in a small town in Illinois with her husband, two children, and a chocolate lab. Lacey loves watching NASCAR races, shooting guns, and should only consume one mixed drink because she’s a lightweight.

Lacey’s debut novel, Trust Me, was released in August 2014 and has been an Amazon Bestseller twice for Free e-books, as well as #1 for Contemporary Romance. All of the Rivers Edge books have been bestsellers in the Romance and Contemporary Romance categories.

Author Links:

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#BLOGTOUR New Release: Ripple Effect Ep3 by Keri Lake

Now Live!

Title: Ripple Effect

Series: Ripple Effect Series, Episode #3

Author: Keri Lake

Genre: Dark Romance

Release Date: March 24, 2017


Buy Links:




Episode Three: In the underbelly, trust is everything, and Dylan will soon discover that Ripley trusts no one. With the return of an old threat, loyalty is on the line, and betrayal could mean the end of everything for both of them.

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K’s Review: F*ck Club: Con by Shiloh Walker

***3.5 ‘Almost Charmed’ STARS***

A little suspense, a little sexy tension and a little bit of story, the second book in Shiloh Walker’s F*ck Club Trilogy took me on an unanticipated ride.  For all my expectations, this short story left me with a feeling that I’d missed out on something special.  I enjoyed the story for what it was – an erotic tale, but I really wanted the connection and depth I found in book one.  The elements were all there to a degree, but in the end I wanted, expected, more.

“Some people wear masks as easy as they breathe.”

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New Release: London Bound by C.J. Duggan


Now Live!

Title: London Bound

Series: Heart of the City #3

Author: C.J. Duggan

Genre: New Adult / Contemporary Romance

Release Date: March 26, 2017


Buy Links:


The third standalone novel in CJ Duggan’s HEART OF THE CITY series – a very sassy, super sexy New Adult romance from the internationally bestselling author of the SUMMER and PARADISE series.

Like so many of her university friends, Kate Brown is London bound, but unlike her friends – who had the chance to enjoy the beer, sights and attractions of the UK – Kate is instead visiting her grandmother (who may or may not be the devil).
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New Release: Under Pressure by Aria Cole

Now Live!

Title: Under Pressure

Series: Blue Collar Alphas #4

Author: Aria Cole

Genre: Contemporary Romance / Over The Top Romance

Release Date: March 26, 2017


Buy Links:



Jean-Luc Martel knows good taste. As the award-winning celebrity chef of éloïse, he’s amassed a high-end clientele and hordes of dedicated foodie fans. But while he’s a master in the kitchen, his reputation for being a nightmare to work with precedes him. Known for his rapid-fire temper, chiseled good looks, and a dash of tattooed, bad boy edge, Jean-Luc doesn’t take shit from anyone. Until he meets Delaney Thomas. She’s talented, sassy, entirely too sexy for her own good, and the niece of his best friend and sous chef. Continue reading “New Release: Under Pressure by Aria Cole”

Coming Soon: Crazy Over You by Daisy Prescott

Coming Soon!

Title: Crazy Over You

Series:  Love With Altitude #2

Author: Daisy Prescott

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: March 28, 2017


PreOrder Links:

Amazon | B&N iBooks | Kobo


My savior isn’t prince charming.

I’m not that lucky.

He’s my worst nightmare.

He’s my one night stand from two years ago.

And he doesn’t remember me.

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K’s Review: Ripple Effect Ep3 by Keri Lake

****4.5 ‘Lessons In Survival’ STARS****

How in the hell does Keri Lake do it?  I deranged psychopath.  A broken addict.  And a love story so wrong that it makes you question your sanity for thinking it’s…oh, so riiiight.

“I’ve been living in a world of corruption, where justice is nothing more than a bullshit fairytale.”

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