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K’s Review: I Just Want You by Kaylee Ryan

****3.5 ‘Boss Me Anytime’ STARS****

I can always count on Kaylee Ryan for something light-hearted, sexy, fun and flirty.  This tale of a somewhat taboo attraction, boss and employee, is all that but somehow didn’t leave the impression I anticipated.  Nevertheless, this was a swoony, sexy way to pass the afternoon leaving me with sweet, warm-fuzzies.

“Life is full of defining moments, ones that can bring a man to his knees and tears to his eyes.”

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K’s Review: F*ck Club: Con by Shiloh Walker

***3.5 ‘Almost Charmed’ STARS***

A little suspense, a little sexy tension and a little bit of story, the second book in Shiloh Walker’s F*ck Club Trilogy took me on an unanticipated ride.  For all my expectations, this short story left me with a feeling that I’d missed out on something special.  I enjoyed the story for what it was – an erotic tale, but I really wanted the connection and depth I found in book one.  The elements were all there to a degree, but in the end I wanted, expected, more.

“Some people wear masks as easy as they breathe.”

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K’s Review: Ripple Effect Ep3 by Keri Lake

****4.5 ‘Lessons In Survival’ STARS****

How in the hell does Keri Lake do it?  I deranged psychopath.  A broken addict.  And a love story so wrong that it makes you question your sanity for thinking it’s…oh, so riiiight.

“I’ve been living in a world of corruption, where justice is nothing more than a bullshit fairytale.”

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K’s Review: Ripple Effect Ep2 by Keri Lake

****4.5 ‘Depravity & Desire’ STARS****

Oh what a tangled web Keri Lake weaves with Ripley and Dylan.  Addiction, desire and pain torment them both in the next installment of this exquisitely deranged love story.  As we get more vicious and heartbreaking breadcrumbs doled out in pieces, providing insight into Ripley and Dylan, the past, present and possible future collide.

“My mind is as much a prison as the cement walls to which I am chained.”

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K’s Review: Resisting Temptation by KC Lynn

*****5++ ‘Faith & Forgiveness’ STARS*****

‘Earth is forgiveness school.’  It’s a quote that’s stuck with me for years.  Forgiveness is homework that we all have – we’re all students here, some working towards the Honor Roll and others flunking without a care in the world.  If ever there was a straight ‘A’ student and teacher combined I’d say KC Lynn fashioned her perfectly.  Crafted with a deft and caring hand this journey will eviscerate and make you question good versus evil, dark versus light.  This is definitely a tissues needed read; however, in the end, the bruises and suffering will be worth it, your heart mended – glowing in the light of a perfect love between a man and his woman, reborn from anger, hate and guilt.

“It’s not that I don’t believe you, it’s that I’m wondering when you’re going to wake up and realize that I’m not worthy of it.”

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K’s Review: An Act of Courage by KC Lynn

*****5++ ‘Bubblegum Kisses & Tulip Wishes’ STARS*****

A beautiful love story that sings of pain and hope, beauty from ashes, I’m not sure I can adequately tell you what this book conveys any more than I can put the beat of my heart to paper.  This is a stunning tale of redemption and love, faith and family.  And so very much more.  While this is a love story, at heart this is a life story…and KC Lynn delivers it exquisitely.

 Over the years I’ve realized there are moments in our life that irrevocably change us, but there is one in particular that changed mine forever.  It was the first day I laid eyes on you.  The day I found a piece of heaven to help me get through the hell I was living in.”

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K’s Review: Surviving Harley by K. Webster

****4.5 ‘The Lumbersexual & His Lady’ STARS****

Nothing will put what’s important in life into perspective like a life threatening situation.  Taking Fiona Davenport’s new Sex, Vows and Babies series and spinning it in an entirely unexpected direction, K. Webster takes us on a harrowing journey of fear, anger and ultimately acceptance and love.  Hold onto your hats folks, and keep your arms in the car, this is one wild ride…

“This show was supposed to be exactly that.  A show.  Not this.  Not him wanting to know me.  Not real.”

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K’s Review: The Billionaire Beast by Jackie Ashenden

*****5 ‘Beastly Puzzles & Passion’ STARS*****

A new twist on an old classic, Jackie Ashenden spins a grown-up reimagined version of Beauty and the Beast.  Grumpy, snarly, snarky and troubled meets sweet, caring and sassy – this story was a sexy and heartfelt tale of loss and love combined with the author’s trademark alpha-hole and the woman who has the power to tame him.  Touching on surprisingly intense subjects and demons, I loved watching the fight towards peace, acceptance, love and the happily ever after so richly deserved.

“This house had been his haven, his safety for so long, but now…it is your tomb.”

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K’s Review: Riot by Tillie Cole

*****5 ‘Bratvas, Blood Pits & Beauty’ STARS*****

In the final battle for freedom from the shackles of enslaved horror Tillie Cole focuses on the blood pits of the Arziani – the Master and his quest for dominance over the Eastern European organized crime syndicate – no matter the cost or suffering.  Pulling all the pieces of this tightly woven story spanning four books together, this final look at the rise and hopeful fall of a madman, and the plot to bring him down had me cringing in disgust, cheering for the ugly demise of a lunatic bent on world domination and crying for the hopeful love of two slaves brought together by fate in the ugliest of circumstances.

“The pit where hearts were pierced and monsters were slain.  The pit where blood ran as freely as water, where flesh slipped from the bone as easily as the most tender of meats.”

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