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Every time you crack open a book it’s like a blind date, yeah?

You may be familiar with the author’s works but you never know quite what you’re going to get. The shy nerdy date. The crude no repeat date. The magnificent prince charming date. The end of the world save me date.

They’re all out there…come along for the ride and go on some…

Dates With K.


Since the day I learned to read I knew I’d found my happy place…buried in a book.  I’m a #booknerd, passionate bibliophile and eternal seeker of the perfect book boyfriend and happily ever after.  I love my stories to have dynamic characters, strong plot lines, some spicy sizzle and every now and then a dash of angst.

I encourage positivity and do not tolerate negativity. #notimeforthat  Which is also why I do not post negative reviews – at all.

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I Dwell In Possibility. – Emily Dickinson