*****5++ ‘Faith & Forgiveness’ STARS*****

‘Earth is forgiveness school.’  It’s a quote that’s stuck with me for years.  Forgiveness is homework that we all have – we’re all students here, some working towards the Honor Roll and others flunking without a care in the world.  If ever there was a straight ‘A’ student and teacher combined I’d say KC Lynn fashioned her perfectly.  Crafted with a deft and caring hand this journey will eviscerate and make you question good versus evil, dark versus light.  This is definitely a tissues needed read; however, in the end, the bruises and suffering will be worth it, your heart mended – glowing in the light of a perfect love between a man and his woman, reborn from anger, hate and guilt.

“It’s not that I don’t believe you, it’s that I’m wondering when you’re going to wake up and realize that I’m not worthy of it.”

Beautiful, innocent, caring, stubborn, a bit naive.  Those things describe Faith Williams.  A church trip would test the very foundations of her Christian upbringing and gentle heart in the most horrific of ways, but there’s more to this small town girl and she’ll never let evil prevail or darkness dim the light in her heart.  Moving forward with life and her other heart and soul, music, Faith’s stunned when a chance encounter brings her face-to-face with the man she never forgot – the man that pulled her out of hell.  Now if she could just convince the man who owns her heart that she’s healed and ready for their future – together.

“You’re not broken.  You’re perfect.”

Cade Walker’s world consists of a steady diet of anger, regret and guilt.  Grief stricken over the death of his little sister, Cade has walked in the shadows of blame and remorse for years.  When he meets Faith he’s overwhelmed by her beauty and innocence at the same time infuriated by her devotion to a God he doesn’t believe exists.  In a moment of horrifying consequences their lives are brutally connected and in the fallout Cade has another reason to hate God and pile on more guilt and blame.  While Cade is content to live life day to day with his closely harbored anger his heart tells him it’s not enough.  But his head, well now, his head tells him if only he could convince the woman who owns his soul that he’ll never be worthy – after all he believes he put her through hell.

“But if I did believe in angels, I’d swear this chick was one.”

The overarching theme for both Cade and Faith is forgiveness and moving forward in their lives – accepting love and happiness – understanding that their tragic past does not define them.  Cade hides his grief under a cloak of iciness and seemingly uncaring distain, while Faith is quite open to her pain and regret.  They both carry guilt for their roles in each other’s lives, but its Faith, with her earnest desire to live life to its fullest that inspires Cade to learn to forgive and move past his anger.  Despite the difficult subject matter, the care taken to develop this storyline is evident in every page.  Of note, the sexual intimacy is represented so realistically and I appreciate the process Cade and Faith go through to achieve a healthy sex life.  The tactful pacing and delivery of intimate moments between them were believable and considerate of Faith’s past.

“This is one of those beautiful things I was telling you about that life has to offer us.  Don’t fight it Cade, for once just let yourself feel.”

There’s a beauty in forgiveness.  In accepting the painful, in this case excruciating moments, acknowledging their existence and not giving them power over your life.  It’s a liberating feeling Ms. Lynn develops with seeming ease.  This story touched my heart in so many ways.  I cheered with Faith when she had little (and big) victories, raged with Cade as he struggled to come to terms with what his life is and what it could be, had the warm-fuzzies when Christopher and Ruthie found a home – a real home, and sobbed when I seemed as though the darkness would win and Cade and Faith would lose.  Throughout their heartbreaking and hopeful journey, both learning to accept love and forgiveness, I hoped and yearned for their victory.  And it was stunningly beautiful; worth every tear and bruise to my heart.

“You’re not broken.  You’re perfect.”

I must admit that when I began the MOH series, Ms. Lynn had me leery of Cade and Faith’s story.  Each book in the series lightly touches on it and I was honestly heartbroken and devastated.  I wasn’t sure I want to know the details of their journey – that is would be too difficult to handle.  How very foolish of me.  I loved every tearful and joyful moment of this novel watching these two reach for and receive their happily ever after.  The brutal and heartbreaking journey made the victory all the more sweet.  5+ Stars are not enough, unreservedly recommended.

“He is my dark angel and the man I love with my whole heart.”

K’s Category:  Serial Dater – I’ve read every novel/novella released to date.

TRIGGER WARNING:  Human Trafficking and Rape

Characters: M/F

Sex: Yes, descriptive


HEA: Yes

Standalone: Although this is the third book in the series (I believe you should read books one and two for a fuller experience) I do believe you could read this as a standalone – but why would you, they are all wonderful.  Go, go 1-click now!


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K.C. Lynn is a small town girl living in Western Canada. She grew up in a family of four children—two sisters and a brother. Her mother was the lady who baked homemade goods for everyone on the street and her father was a respected man who worked in the RCMP. He’s since retired and now works for the criminal justice system. This being one of the things that inspires K.C. to write romantic suspense about the trials and triumphs of our heroes.

K.C. married her high school sweetheart and they started a big family of their own—two adorable girls and a set of handsome twin boys. They still reside in the same small town but K.C.’s heart has always longed for the south, where everyone says ‘y’all’ and eats biscuits and gravy for breakfast.

It was her love for romance books that gave K.C. the courage to sit down and write her own novel. It was then a beautiful world opened up and she found what she was meant to do…write.

When K.C.’s not spending time with her beautiful family she can be found in her writing cave, living in the fabulous minds of her characters and their stories.

For a list of K.C. Lynn’s signings please visit her website. http://www.authorkclynn.com/index.html

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