*****5 ‘Bratvas, Blood Pits & Beauty’ STARS*****

In the final battle for freedom from the shackles of enslaved horror Tillie Cole focuses on the blood pits of the Arziani – the Master and his quest for dominance over the Eastern European organized crime syndicate – no matter the cost or suffering.  Pulling all the pieces of this tightly woven story spanning four books together, this final look at the rise and hopeful fall of a madman, and the plot to bring him down had me cringing in disgust, cheering for the ugly demise of a lunatic bent on world domination and crying for the hopeful love of two slaves brought together by fate in the ugliest of circumstances.

“The pit where hearts were pierced and monsters were slain.  The pit where blood ran as freely as water, where flesh slipped from the bone as easily as the most tender of meats.”

As the Master’s champion it’s 901’s job to kill.  No mercy.  No weakness.  His unflinching capabilities have made him unbeatable – and a problem for his Master.  As 152 awakens in the Masters room with little memory and a sickening feeling of blankness it becomes increasingly clear that her life is not normal.  As High-Mona, her job is to whore herself to Master; with the help of the Type B drug she craves his touch.  In a game of discovering weakness and inspiring it, 901 & 152 are set on a path that will lead them to the most heartbreakingly painful of situations.  And the most beautifully bittersweet.

“Females were a distraction from the most important thing in this place: staying alive.”

This taught suspenseful story line, connecting four books, comes to a close with possibly the most violently dark episode of them all.  I absolutely ached for every creature forced to endure the endless hopeless horror of the pits and Master Arziani’s despotic rule.  Primarily focusing on the structure and daily horrors of life in the Blood Pits it’s difficult to see a new love blossom only to seemingly be torn asunder.  Yet, the wonder of this series is its ability to instill pieces of hope throughout the dark and show the power and strength of the ever enduring human spirit, not to mention that love wins.  It wins and although perhaps bruised and battered lives to see the sunrise of beautiful possibilities and new days – a new future.  That indomitable force of will to live and love is at the heart of every love story written – and my favorite part of the themes running throughout this, and the other, books in this series.

“You are more.

My more.

152, my more.”

I’m so extremely sad to see the end of this incredible, beautiful, dark, horrific, victorious series, yet I’m happy to see this tragic ‘family’ born in anger and hate yet grown in love and forgiveness find their peace – in each other, in their soulmates and the bonds they are creating one day at a time.  Although this series is dark and hard to stomach at times, it truly is an epically stunning showcase of the strength of the human spirit and of love prevailing over even the darkest of evils.

“Her, the girl, whose soul matched mine.  And I, the boy, who was made perfectly for her.”

*I received this ebook as an ARC via Netgalley/St.Martin’s.  This in no way effects my rating or review.*

K’s Category: 3rd date, multiple novels read by author to date.

TRIGGER WARNING:  Rape, Torture, Assault and Physical Disfigurement

Characters: M/F

OM/OW: Yes, heroine is forced into a sexual relationship with her Master.

Sex: Yes, descriptive

HEA: Yes

Standalone: Yes, you could read this book on its own; however, it will be difficult to connect storylines, intricate detail and previous characters without having read books 1-3.  This may harm overall enjoyment of story arc.


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