****4 ‘Pew Pew’s & Propositions’ STARS****

I’ve made a pretty consistent effort this year to read books by new-to-me authors as often as I can and Laramie Briscoe is one of them.  This engaging story of learning to love and let go and live wasn’t at all what I expected.  A little bit of a guide to actually working on a Moonshine Task Force, crushing on your best friends older sister and learning to let go of old hurts and live the happy in the ‘now’ this is not your typical younger man/older woman love story.

“Somewhere in this ordinary life that we’ve been sharing, our fairytale started.  It wasn’t with a glass slipper, or some extremely monumental event in our lives.”

Since she divorced her douchebag ex-husband, Whitney ‘Whit’ Trumbolt’s been spending her nights alone and has had enough.  Looking to let loose and get lucky she’s got no idea what in store for her night out.  When her baby brother’s best friend cruises into the same bar and shoos away her perspective good time guys she’s left with nothing but to drunkenly proposition him – and he accepts…wholeheartedly.  But Whit’s been burned badly, she’s not looking for anything more than a hook up – nothing more.

“Making myself vulnerable in that way just isn’t possible yet.  No matter how bad I want it.”

Ryan ‘Renegade’ Kepler has crushed on Whit for years.  Best friend to Whit’s brother Trevor, and an unofficial member of the family, he’s grown up with their family and lusted from afar.  Until the night he spots her in the middle of a pack of salivating men at the bar.  Nuh-uh, they’re not getting anywhere near Whit if he has anything to say about it.  When she propositions him in the cutest way ever there’s no way he’s saying no.  But in the light of the morning after Whit’s ready to move on and he has no idea how to deal with that – he wants a future – with Whit.

“I’ll win you over before all is said and done.”

This story made my cheeks pucker in the best way; it was so sweet and swoony.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty more going on but the heart of this story: friends, family, loyalty, love and overcoming your past – it’s wonderful.  Whit’s gun shy, she likes Renegade (and certainly enjoys burning up the sheets with him!) she just isn’t ready to love him.  Her ex did a real number on her mentally and physically, it’s going to take time for her to come to terms with what she wants in life moving forward – and she takes that time, almost the entire book focuses on her inner battle while coming to terms with what Renegade means to her – and the fact that he is 10 years her junior.  On the flipside, Renegade has wanted Whit from the moment he clapped eyes on her.  He’s a product of a horrible childhood and wants nothing more than to show Whit he’s the one she should ‘try’ with.  The result of their one-night-stand turns out to be something neither of them thought possible and makes ‘trying’ a friendship, if not relationship, even more important.  I adored Renegade’s patience with Whit.  While I got a tiny bit frustrated that she didn’t come to certain realizations sooner he did not.  He loved her and continued to show her the many reasons they deserved a happy life together; it’s swoon-worthy.

“There are moments in life you don’t expect.  I’ve experienced quite a few in my life.”

I loved that there was a bit of the task force work and moonshine still production information blended in with this tale.  While the story focuses on Renegade and Whit’s love story we get to meet additional members of the police force and task force that leads in seamlessly for futures books.  The friends and family of this community gave me the warm fuzzies – loyal, blunt, and honest and loving these are the folks you’d choose to surround yourself with.  A little angst works its way into the story with a little bit of uncertainty and sadness that acts as a catalyst for Whit and honestly I saw it coming early on as the author needed a vehicle to show Whit that she needed to take hold of her happiness with both hands and let go of the past.  It didn’t effect my enjoyment and was paced well considering it’s placement in the book timeline.

“For once, I have to let go of the fear, and let the truth fly.  If there’s ever been a time in my life to stop letting fear rule my life, it’s now.”

With a new community of family and friends the Moonshine Task Force Series is off to a wonderfully solid start.  Peppered with sugar and spice this book certainly has a little bit of everything to keep you entertained and swooning.  I loved watching their love unfold and their demons put to bed.  In all, I loved this book and look forward to the next in the series.  There’s a peek into book 2 (listed as a June 2017 release) at the end of this story and I must say…I’m ready now.  Bring on June…

“Thank you for being everything I’ve always wanted but never had.”

K’s Category: 1st date, never read author previously

Characters: M/F

Sex: Yes, Descriptive


HEA: Yes

Standalone: Yes

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