****4.5 ‘Put This Fire Out’ STARS****

Illicit, dirty and oh so sweet, Aria Cole’s next chapter in the Blue Collar Alphas Series will set your panties on fire!  But don’t worry, she’s got just the sexy, dirty talking firefighter to put out the flames – or stoke them higher…depends on how you look at it…

“Blaise wanted me.

Blaise was the real deal.

Blaise was the very thing I needed and hadn’t even known I wanted.”

It’s just Brianna Foster’s luck that the low rent dive she’s forced to rent is going up in flames.  She’s got two problems:  her grumpy, obnoxious cat won’t cooperate with her so they can evacuate the burning building and she’s got nowhere to stay for the night once she leaves.  Lucky for her, a knight in sooty turnouts is about to make all her dreams come true.

“Rescued by a hot firefighter, check.

Scarred by an angry cat while trying to save the little bastard’s life?  Check.”

Blaise Michaels is stunned when he bursts into a flaming apartment complex and comes face to face with an angel.  Focused on rescuing the much younger woman he’s the first in line to help her out once he hears she has nowhere to stay.  It’s just his good fortune that he’ll get to show the beautiful girl why she should stay with him – forever.

“I take care of what’s mine, and you’re mine now.”

Sexy, smutty, sugary sweet and extra sharp on the cheese factor, I love these insta-love, alpha caveman short stories from Ms. Cole.  A quick treat with plenty of steam and heart they lighten up a bad day, sweeten up a lunch hour or just plain sex up your bedtime.  It’s time well spent indulging in pure ‘virginal young lady and much older sexy man’ fantasy.  Great pacing for a novella length book, good characterization and sweet storylines keep me coming back for more.  And I love that we get a gooey grin-fest of an epilogue each time as well.  I’ve filed this read away in my Superb Ladyporn file and await the next treat Ms. Cole dishes out.

“Hurry Home Blaise.  You’ve got a fire to put out.”

K’s Category: serial dater, read all novels by author to date.

Characters: M/F


Sex: Yes, descriptive

HEA: Yes

Standalone: Yes


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