*****5++ ‘Home is Where the Heart Is’ STARS*****

Like a beautiful breath of fresh air, Devney Perry’s debut showcases exactly why I started devouring indie titles in search of the elusive ‘something more’.  That something that makes your breath hitch and your heart beat a little faster.  That invests you in the journey and makes you race to the next page at the same time you’re doing everything you can to prolong the exquisite feeling of book nirvana by slowing down. I found it here…It. Is. Bliss.  Strong, well developed characters – primary and secondary, developed and believable storylines, exceptional pacing, special attention to detail (or lack thereof when needed), steaming hot attraction and most importantly, I fell in love.  With a town, a couple, an adorable kid, a farmhouse and the possibilities laid out for the continuing series that I will absolutely continue reading.

“I would never get the chance to tell Ben how much his farmhouse changed my life.”

Used to the rush of big city life and in need of a change an unexpected favor is called in, one Gigi can’t say no to. This is where we start the journey of Gigi and Roe’s new life.  Reminiscent of the perfect small town you want to roadtrip and get lost in, complete with a sexy, grumpy, alpha, protective Sheriff and a charismatic selection of town folk sure to charm you, Prescott, Montana, pop. 823, is a brand new start for Georgia ‘Gigi’ and her little girl Rowan ‘Roe’ Ellars.  It might take some getting used to, but they’re already dazzled by their new home – The Coppersmith Farmhouse.  However, what she’s not so dazzled by – the Sheriff…or so she likes to tell herself.

“Seated on my stool, I had to tip my head way back to examine his face.  I blinked a few times because this man was so ruggedly handsome I had to be imagining him.”

Jess Cleary isn’t too charmed with the newcomer to his small town.  This Sheriff is highly suspicious of her motivations for moving and starting over in ‘small-town, USA’ and in particular the farmhouse that’s sat empty for almost two decades.  It certainly doesn’t help that the minute they lay eyes on each other the chemistry arcs between the new enemies.  Before long misconceptions come crashing down around Jess and he realizes he’s made some bad judgment calls and need to make amends – only his way.  And just maybe along the way Georgia and Rowan will become his too.

“What I hadn’t known was that sitting on a stool in the ER, cleaning Milo’s hand, she was the most beautiful woman I’d ever lay eyes on.”

I had no idea what to expect when I opened this book.  But what I found was so amazing.  While the primary storyline starts out with Gigi and Roe’s journey to and their new life, several secondary storylines work their way into the narrative with ease.  A lot of characters are introduced and some background paced out here and there.  I never felt confused or lost in the story and was always able to place the characters – which is an excellent feat when starting a series with this many new faces.  A little suspense is added in and there are definitely moments that shine light on the real issues couples and women in general face.  Gigi’s been hurt badly before and has her guard up with Jess and she’s not sure she wants to let it down, to chance being hurt.  Jess is all alpha growly protective man and treats Gigi and Roe like the treasures they are.  He has his struggles – his temper and alpha ‘decision making’ skills – however, I loved that he was able to take responsibility for his problems and work with Gigi and Roe to ‘do better’.  That’s not to say he’s a pushover at all, just a good man who wants to make his girls happy.  Roe is voiced so well; I loved her.  She’s no perfect princess either (but so close!).  She’s endearing in her adoration of Jess but we also get to see a little temper from her as well.  The nicknames they all have for each other are utterly sweet and made me smile.  I really enjoyed the epilogue, that extra peek into the happily ever after with just a little breadcrumb trail leading to other characters and hopefully more stories.  This book really does have all the feels.  Part learning to move on, enemies to lovers, a little suspense, a lot of love and healing, some sass sprinkled in and a book boyfriend to fight over.  There are so many more stories here that I want to see and I can’t possibly pick, so I’ll wait not so patiently to see where we’re taken next, knowing that I love these characters and don’t think you could make a bad choice in giving any of them their HEA.

“Because those powerful words were like a balm to my heart, healing what had been broken in the past.  I desperately wanted them to be real.”

Home is where the heart is and if you ask Jess Cleary he’ll tell you his heart lies in the Coppersmith Farmhouse, his home for many reasons, but mostly because of the other two hearts that reside there too.  I was completely captivated, heart palpitating and in love with this fabulous start to a new series…and I hope you will be too because I highly recommend you 1-click right now and fall in love yourself.

“I had never been in love with a man.  Maybe if I’d had more experience I would have realized it sooner.  It felt strange that we hadn’t said the words to each other yet, but looking back, it had been there for a while.  With every touch, every kiss, it was simply unspoken.  Unspoken, but never missing.”

K’s Category: 1st date, first novel read by author to date.

Characters: M/F


Sex: Yes, descriptive


Standalone: Yes, standalone interconnecting series.


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