*****5++ ‘How Long Do I Have You’ STARS*****

The last book I read by Carina Adams ripped my heart out.  I saw it coming, hated what was going to happen but understood the lesson, the feeling she was showing me was important and I ultimately adored it for that reason.  When I opened Lucky I knew this would be a departure from her usual gut-wrenching tale and was intrigued.  In her author’s note Carina declares that, ‘A light and fluffy read may not change lives.  It may not make your view change.   But, they are a great escape.  That is what I wanted Lucky to be.’  It was a great escape, phenomenal really; however, I’m going to respectfully disagree with the rest of her statement.  Here’s why…important lessons are found in laughter just as they are in pain, love as they are in suffering.  And maybe, just maybe, the point isn’t that this book needs to change the world…just one heart or two at a time and that not all lessons have to hurt to be meaningful.

“You can’t stop the inevitable, and the sun always rises.”

Lucien ‘Lucky’ Chance is a football god.  And he knows it.  A senior at his university, he’s ready to graduate and make plans for a little something called ‘life’ outside of football.  Slinging drinks at the local dive bar he’ll meet the woman who is his match.  This dirty talking college football legend is about to have his world rocked for just one night, first by a ray of sunshine and then by his professor.  There’s more to Lucky than a pretty face, killer body and football statistics.  He’s smart, funny, outrageously charming and a dirty talking sex machine.  His one-night stand ray of light doesn’t stand a chance.  It’s destiny after all.

“Everyone knew who I was, and they fucking loved me.”

Emerson ‘Sunny’ Bernard is starting over.  Her questionable decisions of the past have left her a mess of nerves and doubts.  Landing a teaching position miles away from her life of past she’s ready to make a good life for herself.  But first, it’s time to cut loose and just breathe.  A night out with her entertainingly carefree BFF is just want she needs.  Well, that and a piece of the hottie behind the bar.  He might be young but underneath that baby-face he’s all man…and she can’t get him out of her mind, so she’ll work him out of it…in her bed.  She’s had her world rocked for just one night, first by the hot bartender and then by her football legend student.  She’s snarky, witty, sexy as all get out, loving and his match.  She doesn’t stand a chance.  It’s destiny after all.

“I want you to go out there and make bad choices.  Horrible, awful, irresponsible choices.  Do something you would never do in a million years.”

It’s not often that I find a book that checks all my boxes for a phenomenal, perfect read.  It’s even less so in a light-hearted romantic comedy.  I’m picky and all too often the humor turns a little cheesy and starts to become cliché.  Not here.  What you get here is a amazing storm of dynamic characters, perfect timing and pacing, engaging and witty dialogue balanced with serious and meaningful moments, tender and beautiful love balanced with smoking hot (and I mean 5 alarm fire style) sexy times, no irritating repetition and mature, respectful characters that have some broken pieces in them – but they don’t let those experiences dictate their future.  So many times I had the ‘wow’ moment.  From Lucky with his ‘good head on his shoulders’ but is so outrageous in his big personality it’s absolutely charming; and that dirty mouth. *swoon*  With Sunny and her mature and yet hilariously irreverent outlook on life.  Their friends and family all contribute something meaningful in this book, it’s not filler.  I want to see the stories for them all (especially Josh and Loretta, please?).  The moments of uncertainty and doubts made me nervous but I was so pleasantly surprised that the characters, who have clearly demonstrated their caring for and toward each other, they…wait for it…communicate with each other.  They also take responsibility for their mistakes, especially when they hurt one another.  They have moments of jealousy but don’t manipulate or use it against each other – they plainly state their intention and devotion to the developing relationship. The angst is low and the feel good moments are plentiful and delightful.  This book made me laugh, made me swoon, made me sigh in relief, comforted me, and ultimately made me feel good the entire time I read it.   There are lessons and affirmations in these pages, and for the first time in a really long time, I smiled, my heart full, while learning them page by page.

“However, all the darkness in the world cannot extinguish a ray of sunshine.  Especially not one that shined as bright as my girl.”

Packed full of hilarity, heart and humor I adored this story and was terribly disappointed once I turned the last page and my joy-ride was over.  In the end, whether you take away an important lesson or just enjoy a boy and a girl falling in love, having smoking hot sexy times, snarking back and forth with each other and meeting their hilarious wacky friends you’ll have spent your time very well with Lucky.  Highly recommended, definitely a re-read.

“How long do I have you Sunshine?”

“How long can I stay?”


K’s Category: 2nd date, second novel read by author to date. Top Pick 2017

Characters: M/F


Sex: Yes, descriptive


Standalone: Yes


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