****4 ‘The Wright Way’ STARS****

Sassy women, caring alpha’s, outrageous loving family members and crazy ex’s you can’t get away from, KA Linde’s tale of two brothers caught up in one woman had a little bit of everything wrapped up in love – Texas style.

“I was an average girl, and he was a gorgeous Texas billionaire.  He could have anyone he wanted, he’d picked me.”

JENSEN:  Alpha. Over-the-Top. Protective. Stubborn. Untrusting. HAWT.  Head of the Wright family and older brother to five, Jensen’s got the weight of the world on his shoulders.  One last minute wedding and an unexpected beautiful wedding guest would set his world on fire…just like she’d done for his brother.  He just has to make sure his secrets don’t get in the way.

“I’m a businessman.  I say what I want, I negotiate for it, and then I take it.”

EMERY: Sassy.  Sweet.  Loyal.  Dramatic.  Loving.  Determined.  IN OVER HER HEAD.  Leaving her douchebag ex after catching him in the act of ‘tutoring’ an undergrad out of her clothes Emery’s on her way home for a little R&R…and to figure out what she going to do with her life next.  Her PhD program rewarded her with anxiety and a sense of doom; she’s determined to figure out her happy place – to live life to the fullest.  She never expected the hitch in her plan to be her high school sweetheart’s brother…

“One too many panic attacks, my first ever prescription for Xanax, and a dissertation topic that seemed perpetually out of reach had done me in.  Screw academia.”

A story about love between two brothers I admit I expected more of a triangle between Jensen, Landon and Emery and was surprised at how quickly that story line was resolved.  The angst level was low and the twist later in the book was a tiny bit anti-climactic.  Emery was a little too dramatic at times and I caught myself rolling my eyes here and there.  I loved Jensen; his caring yet alpha persona was the perfect balance.  The fall into love was fairly quick; however, as the story progresses (and into the epilogue) they take things slower and truly cultivate the relationship.  The pacing was fast but fit the story and the characters were engaging.  I appreciated that the intimacy was balanced with the sexy times and not overwhelming in page count (although it is plenty steamy, don’t get me wrong) or feeling like filler.  I liked meeting Jensen’s family and the dynamics at play with their relationships.  I’m intrigued by the peeks of Landon and his secrets and hope we see his – and the rest of the families – books come to life.  Overall I enjoyed the story and liked getting to know the Wright family.

“Having Jensen Wright love me was like walking in the sun.”

A young woman looking for her place in life, a billionaire unknowingly looking for his this tale was an easy delightful afternoon of love, learning to trust and finding your home – the people you’re meant to love.  If you’re looking for something easy on angst with charming characters and have a couple hours to spare, look no further.

“What I had always been searching for.  Home.”

*I received this ebook as an ARC.  This in no way effects my rating or review.*

K’s Category: 3rd date, read several novels by author to date.

Characters: M/F


Sex: Yes, descriptive


Standalone: Yes, although The Wright Boss has been announced which features Landon Wright.


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