****4.5 ‘Tuesday Night Magic’ STARS****

“Fuck.  I hate complications.”  

This first installment of a new dark, gritty and addicting serial by Keri Lake had me squirming in equal parts anticipation and depraved wonder for the gorgeous fucked up anti-hero and his beautifully ugly heroine whose façade of apathy begins to crumble.

“I’m a man of three simple pleasures:  the hunt.  The capture.  And the kill.”

I adore a well written anti-hero and that’s exactly what we get with Ripley (H).  Scarred by a tragic past and molded into the perfect killing machine he’s quite possibly the darkest anti-hero Ms. Lake has written to date.  Scary hot and perfectly sociopathic I pushed aside my moral compass and devoured his mercilessness.

“I’m a vengeance dealer.  A mercenary.  I feign loyalty to exact revenge.”

Dylan Westrick is living a nightmare and the hazy cloud of drugged up bliss is her escape.  Days until her eighteenth birthday, she’s biding her time until she can escape her prison.  Damaged, broken and indifferent she’s a product of the corrupt system she was dumped into.  My heart hurt for her circumstances while being equally understanding of her damaging coping mechanisms and desire to break free.  Living a different but no less tragic life than Ripley, she’s easily as fucked up, but by some miracle still hasn’t lost every ounce of softness…it’s going to be her ruin.

“And even the hardest shells are made to be cracked.”

Wicked, sexy, addicting, enthralling and downright brutal I’m jonesing for episode two.  Dark Erotica aficionados look no further, your next read is right here.

“Darkness has a way of welcoming immoral self-indulgence.”

K’s Category: 3rd date, multiple novels read by author to date.

Characters: M/F


Sex: No


Standalone: No, Part 1 of 4 episodes.


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