****4 ‘Three Found’ STARS****

Striking a sexy balance of suspense a touch of angst and plenty of heartfelt emotion x 3, this tale of a woman battered, lost and left for dead and the two men who not only rescue her but also heal her heart and soul, kept me up well into the night.  Known for her sexy ménage tales KL Donn puts the ‘S’ in suspenseful seduction.

“Do you believe everything happens for a reason?”

Cousins Nick Kelly (H1) and Ace Mitchell (H2) grew up together forming a brotherly bond that only strengthened as they got older.  Knowing from a young age that they would form a triad relationship with one woman they’ve almost given up hope of finding ‘the one’.  A routine scout of the mountains during a winter storm will change both of their lives…and they almost didn’t see her.

“She needs to be strong and able to accept that while they are two separate people, they are also one unit.”

It was just supposed to be a quick getaway for Pepper/Snow Wallace (h).  A few days on the mountain getting to know her new possible boyfriend.  She never saw it coming and the next thing she knows – nothing.  She can’t remember anything…not why she hurts so bad, not where the bruises came from, not even how she got to a remote cabin in the mountains with two hunky law enforcement officers tending to her wounds.

“Dumped.  She was dumped.  In the mountains.  Like garbage.”

I loved coming back to the Possessed series and seeing a ménage this time.  There’s something so scintillating and sexy when confronted with two men loving and devoting themselves to one lucky woman – physically and emotionally.  Pepper’s been through a horrific chain of events and as she works to regain her memory she’s equally dedicated to Nick and Ace and the love they have to offer.  And while they’re all unsure that love could happen this quickly they do know one thing – they all want it with each other.  The tenderness and care these men show Pepper was endearing.  The pacing and story lines moved along smoothly and I appreciated that the sexual relationship developed over time as the characters learned each other and committed to making their relationship work.  The suspense and angst factor was mild but added to the overall plot and didn’t feel unnecessary. The only thing I would have liked to see more of is the day-to-day type interaction with the triad.  Seeing how a relationship struggles and/or flourishes between three consenting adults is what fascinates me with this genre of romance.  Although I had no doubt they all cared for each other and were falling in love, the majority of scenes focused on two of the main characters at a time, I would’ve loved more ‘three’ time outside of the sexual relationship.  That being said, it didn’t effect my enjoyment of the story, this is just a personal preference.  I also applaud the author for featuring ‘plus size’ curvy heroines that don’t fit the mold of the perfect body stereotype.  It’s a beautiful and refreshing change a pace.

“I’ve always believed that for every bad thing that occurs, there is always one good thing to come from it.”

Taking us back to her roots, KL Donn offers up a tale of two men and the woman who captures their hearts.  This triad proves soulmates exist and love can be found in numbers – 3 to be precise.

“She was lost when they found her.  Now, though…?

Now, she was home.”


K’s Category: Serial Dater, every novel(la) read by author to date.

Characters: M/F


Sex: Yes, descriptive, MF, MFM

HEA: Yes

Standalone: Yes, Book 3 of 3 in the Possessed Series

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