****4.5 ‘It’s in the Details’ STARS****

“I’m saying…I’m saying I’d like to risk my mental stability and grip on life to have you in it.”

I have Adriana Locke to thank for my latest book boyfriend obsession.  But really this comes as no surprise.  Hot, sexy alpha men.  Sweet, sassy, take-no-bull ladies.  And loving, realistic families.  These multilayered family of characters stole my heart in book one, Sway and then in book two, Swing – and haven’t let go since.  I truly don’t want them to; I love spending time with the Landry’s, and Switch is no exception.

“This is my legacy.  You have your hero medals.  Barrett has his public service.  Lincoln has batting titles and Golden Gloves.  I have this.”

He’s a man with a plan.  And a backup plan.  He doesn’t deviate, he doesn’t dawdle and he certainly does. Not. Fail.  Motivated by the love for his family, on the outside Graham Landry (H), CEO of Landry Holdings, comes off as an uptight, obsessive-compulsive perfectionist without a heart.  Little does he know that his new Executive Assistant is going to tip his world on its axis – and make him long for something he’s never had time for – love.

“Here tucked away in the living room, where I feel like I can drop all the hats – and sometimes, masks – that I wear daily.  There’s nothing to juggle as I put my feet up on the leather ottoman and breathe.”

Starting over is hard.  Too many years getting lost in a relationship that was going nowhere and feeding her self-doubts daily leads to an epic epiphany for Mallory/Mal Sims (h).  Packing up and heading for her hometown she’s on a mission to create a meaningful life – with purpose, laughter and love.  A little clumsy, a lot messy and a sassy powerhouse of attitude, Mallory is just what Graham needs to shake up his control and open up his eyes to life outside Landry Holdings and with Mallory.  As his new Executive Assistant it’s a prime opportunity to do just that.

“I want to feel…like the me I used to know.  I want to feel alive.  I want to wake up and smile.  I want to accomplish things, to feel powerful.  I want to have things to look forward to, have goals, find someone who wants to laugh with me, or go hiking or get ice cream.”

With each book the couples become my favorite of the series only to be replaced with the next release.  It’s incredibly easy to fall in love with this series, and Graham and Mallory in particular.  For all his need to pull the stick out and relax, Graham’s propensity for order and Mallory’s tendency for chaos flies in the face of his need and is entertaining.  The witty banter, the sexy, sly innuendo they trade back and forth is hot and then as the layers peel back you see the reasons for Graham’s idiocrasies – and Mallory’s perceptive, caring response.  Deftly balancing the budding relationship with moments from family and friends rounds out this tale beautifully.  It’s those moments, cleverly blended into the characters lives that cement this series, this author, on my auto-read list.  This story certainly has it all – an intuitive understanding of human nature and family dynamics mixed in with hilarious banter (Lincoln almost steals the show followed closely by Ford), witty repartee (I love blunt Mallory), palpable chemistry and smoking hot sexy times (Syrup anyone?) and tangible characters that you’d like to meet (I’d love to have dinner at the Landry Farm).  The lightheartedness and love that surrounds this book made me giddy, yes giddy, with happiness and I was delighted to spend my afternoon with Graham, Mallory and the rest of the gang.

“‘What you don’t know is that today was a day of firsts for me.’

He takes a deep breath.

‘The first day I woke up and stared at a woman before getting out of bed, wishing she would never leave.  The first day I failed at something as the head of Landry Holdings.  The first day I felt the complete and utter fear of losing someone.’”

Consistently captivating me with her genuine couples, beautiful and hilarious family dynamics and realistic and poignant take on relationships, Adriana Locke and the Landry Family Series, Switch in particular, is a definite recommended read.  I fell in love with Graham and Mallory; insta-love in one page.  And I hope you do too.

“I’m aware I am an addict and I measure my drugs in Grahams.”

K’s Category: 3rd date, several novels read by author to date.

Characters: M/F


Sex: Yes, descriptive


Standalone: Yes, although you’ll have a richer experience reading the series in order, 1 – Swing (Barrett) and 2 – Sway (Lincoln).