***3.5 ‘No Limits’*** STARS

After leaving a surprise plot twist at the end of Disgraceful the wait for a conclusion in Grace seemed never ending.  As Dee Palmer was a new to me author at the time I had no idea if the anxiety ridden wait would be worth it but the draw of this series kept me ever hopeful.  The guarded Sam/Mistress Selina and the alpha Jason are determined to make their love work.  This thought provoking series ends with a final look into the journey of self-discovery and empowerment for the heroine – and hero – as they define their ever changing boundaries and course forward – in kink and commitment.  Filled with heartbreak and anger, brought about by uncertainty and fear, Grace serves to draw a line in the sand redefining expectations vs. realities.

“He is a good man; he saved me.”

A myriad of complications and rash decisions have been, and continues to be, a pattern in this couples relationship and in Grace it’s no different.  Picking up where we left off in Disgraceful, Jason (H) and Sam (h) have just been given the surprising news that Sam is pregnant.  This revelation has consequences that Jason isn’t too sure he can live with and before he can think things through hurtful words are said and conclusions made.   He’s still hiding secrets from Sam and making decisions all the while telling himself it’s in her best interest.

“What a f***ing mess.”

After surviving a madman bent on her destruction, Sam is ready to start her life with Jason – in love and happiness.  She’s retired her club playbook and business, planning an impromptu wedding, having a baby and restructuring her career.  The only complication is in the form of the baby.  She and Jason haven’t talked about having children and he’s all smiles about it.  Until he isn’t.  Amid the assumptions and negative perceptions all Sam can feel is the suffocating heartbreak consuming her.  The first thing she thinks of is escape – she runs away.

“She shouldn’t have run.  We always promised to talk this s*** through.”

Honestly, Jason and Sam are still a hot mess of a couple when it comes to communication and trust – which are important foundations in any relationship let alone one dealing in BDSM.  The twist revealed early in the story serves to ignite drama and conflict – but very little communication between the two.  They both love each other that much is evident, but Jason still has his secrets and Sam still jumps to conclusions and doesn’t confront Jason.  I didn’t feel there was growth in their characters or relationship in that area.  However, Sam’s self-worth and ability to love and commit to Jason grow significantly and it is evident.  I was happy that she finally allowed herself to have an emotional relationship with Jason.  While her actions frustrated me for most of the book she was reacting to the circumstances of her heartbreak trying to overcome it but not knowing quite how.  I had a hard time disconnecting with her character and ultimately kept reminding myself that the heart wants what it wants – a broken heart is blind in the choices it makes – and Sam definitely lead with her heart here.  I enjoyed the conclusion to the series and seeing Jason and Sam get their happily ever after.  This series is very deft at dissecting and showing the emotions and struggles a BDSM couple can struggle with and I appreciated that.  I liked the overarching storyline and I liked Grace, I just wanted more growth and development in their communication and trust in each other – I wanted to see that and I just didn’t get that from this book.  While it wasn’t a home run for me, Grace did score some hits and I’m glad I read the book and the Disgrace Trilogy.  For all this story, this series, wasn’t all I’d hoped it to be, I’m glad I read this book and the series.

“I love you, Sam.  No caveats, no provisos, and absolutely no limits.”

K’s Category: 3rd date, several novels read by author to date.

Characters: M/F


Sex: Yes, descriptive

HEA: Yes

Standalone: No.  This is book 3 of 3 in the series.