★★★3.5 ‘Childhood & Choices’ STARS★★★

Mild Spoiler Warning: Due to sensitive content I have posted trigger warnings at the end of this review.  As this may contain mild spoilers please read at your own risk.

I haven’t quite figured out what makes women determined to rescue the wounded, unemotionally available man with his broken pieces and tortured longings.  The need to pick up those pieces and put him back together again – It’s like catnip; we can’t stay away.  An emotional and often times hair pulling story of a man and a woman who found a soul mate in each other at 8 years old only to realize soul mates don’t always live happily ever after – this was a book that explores the magnetic pull of your other half across decades and divides.

 “If she weren’t my gravity, I’d be floating away on cloud nine right now.”

Lily Pace (h) and Trevin Allen (H) have been best friends for years.  As 8 year-olds they formed a special bond but as they both grow up wanting different things out of life that bond is strained.  As the years pass the degree of involvement in each other’s lives change but one thing stays the same…they love each other.  No matter what.  If they cannot be together then they’ll still love apart. Even if it means hurting each other.  I tend to believe that love is not a constant but rather a continuous moving condition adapting and transforming us as we live our life.  And Trevin and Lily are good examples of this.

                “I’m forced to tamp down the jealousy threatening to consume me.  My only place in his life is as his friend – that role means I swallow the envy, walk up to him, kiss him on the cheek and wish him luck.”

As they test the waters of a committed relationship and faithfulness it’s not all smooth sailing.  Trevin lets his rock star lifestyle of excess and debauchery direct his future telling himself that he’s not worthy of Lily.  Decisions are made.  Hearts are broken.  Lily tries to move on the best way she knows how – until a complication makes it harder than ever to know if she’s really is making the ‘right’ decision.

“Neither of us willing to move forward but not willing to stop this weight pushing us together.”

I understood where Trevin and Lily were coming from even if I wanted to smack them for a majority of this tale.  Trevin aching for Lily but burying himself in random women, drugs and booze thinking they’ll provide the escape he needs to live without her – all because he feels unworthy and dirty.  For years he never talks with her about his perception.  Lily on the other hand is confused by the stop/start signals Trevin is throwing out and instead of confronting him she runs away.  I really did like these characters.  They’re damaged and hurting.  I was rooting for their success the whole way though the book.  But – as much as I liked them I wanted a deeper understanding that what I found in this book.  It made me feel that vital parts of their character development – and the deepening connection between them in later years – were forgone for storyline advancement which left holes that only a speedy resolution could fulfill.  I also felt that there were several important moments that could have been expanded upon and were not – leaving me feeling hurried.  A little more time and development could enhance the story considerably.  I absolutely enjoyed this book – I just wanted…more.  More complexity.  More content.  More reasons to connect and believe in their story.

“I’ve always loved him, and I always will, but maybe my purpose was to be his gravity, and not his lover.”

If you’re looking for an emotional story that will tug on your heart-strings and make you believe in the compelling power of soulmates, with a helping of angst, give Gravity a try.

                “I want to freeze this moment, putting it inside a snow globe so I can shake it to relive the magic all over.”

*I received this eBook as an ARC.  This in no way effects my rating or review.*

K’s Category: 1st date, never read author previously

Characters: M/F

Trigger Warning: Drug Use, Violence, Child Abuse

Sex: Yes, Descriptive

OM/OW: Yes, both H/h. Scene of F/F/M.

HEA: Yes

Standalone: Yes