****4 ‘Keeping It Casual’ STARS****

I feel like I just spent several hours with my BFF’s and my new hawt as hell boyfriend.  And really, what better feeling is there after closing that last page of your book?  I’ve been a fan of J. Daniels’ work since she first published in 2014 and when I recently started reviewing books after years of reading them – I knew I had to add her on my review list.  Filled with raunchy sweaty fun between the sheets (and on bathroom vanities and up against walls and…well you get the point), Friendship (the Thelma and Louise kind – without all the dying and if Louise was gay) and love (the hot, sweet, vulnerable, lasting forever once you get past your insecurities kind), I loved Sweet Addiction.

      “I can’t even have a one-night stand without it blowing up in my face.”

Three words; best night ever.  Slutty. Wedding. Hook-up.  Bakery owner, feisty friend and all around sweet girl, Dylan Sparks (h) is on the prowl for some hot no-strings wedding nookie.  STAT.  Trying to revive her non-existent sex life she figures what better place than a wedding, right?  Nobody has expectations of phone calls and dinner dates.  Reese Carroll (H) her BFF’s boyfriend’s co-worker and friend is perfect. No really, handsome charming, dirty talking and known for flings not rings, Reese trips all of Dylan’s triggers; he’s perfect…and then some.  This might be tricky keeping it casual, but she and her vajayjay are all in.

“Beautiful and highly intelligent?  I feel like I found a unicorn.”

Three words; best night ever.  Looking. For. More.  Yep, confirmed bachelor Reese wants more.  More nookie and the ‘relationship’ more.  But Dylan’s got these unbending ideas of keeping things casual.  So he’ll take her any way her can get her – casual’s enough.  For now.  That doesn’t mean he won’t do everything he can to convince her otherwise.  CPA by day and the candy for Dylan’s sweet tooth by night he’s going all out in the game of seduction.

“But for the record, he’s massive and as straight as you pretended to be in high school.”

Outside of the fact that this is a delicious smutty treat, Sweet Addiction delivered much more than a ‘sex’ storyline.  Let’s face it this is a story about a wedding hook-up.  Hot, lusty, sweaty sex is going to be a large focus but there’s much more here rounding out the book…

“He has officially ruined all other men for me and I am perfectly fine with that.”

Dylan is such a…girl.  In all the ways.  Up all night questioning her (and his) motives after she’s told him several times to keep it casual?  Yes.  Gossiping with her BFF’s Juls and Jojo about her sex life and ‘should she/shouldn’t she’? Yes.  Agonizing over wardrobe choices for her ‘non-date’? Yes.  Getting jealous over past women in Reese’s life? Yes (it’s over quickly though, she’s is a smart cookie after all).  So see, total girl, we all mostly do that $h!t.  It’s so relatable you can’t help but cheer Dylan on and watch her go after what she really wants.  Which is Reese, for keeps.

“I just need to stop being a stupid girl about it.”

Speaking of Reese, he’s so romantic and sweet on top of all that dirty talking sexing.  The little notes, the songs, the white box deliveries.  Letting her control the pace of their ‘visits’.  This man is so swoon-worthy you cannot help but fall in love with him.  He’s found his ‘one’ and he’s not letting go.  Really, who doesn’t want that?  They both have some communication issues, which I’ll be honest irritated me, but I understood why…I just didn’t necessarily agree with the plot device there.  It didn’t effect my enjoyment of the story; I personally just didn’t care for it.

“He is slowly infiltrating every part of my soul.”

Add in Dylan’s loyal and crazy BFF’s Juliana/Juls and Joey/Jojo and let the party start.  These two were hilarious side-kicks, a source of constant support for Dylan and loyal to their girl.  These are the best friends we all want.  To hang out with, to comfort us when our wedding hook-up is a jerk face, to laugh at us (and with us) when we’re oblivious to what’s right in front of our face, to dry our tears, gossip and trash our ex’s, and to not judge us no matter what.  Oh, and to be generally annoying when you don’t take their advice.  Juls and Jojo rounded off this cast of characters so well, their bickering and love are what the best friendships are made of.

   “Even if you guys are just having fun, he’s allowed to want to keep you to himself and so are you.”

I love that this is a series and we get to see more of these fabulous characters – this is not goodbye to sweet Dylan and sext Reese!  If you haven’t read Ms. Daniels before or Sweet Addiction in particular…go get some of this sweet sexy goodness for yourself – this aptly named series is truly addicting.

“He pulled that love that I had buried down deep inside me right up to the surface, and now I drowning in it.”

K’s Category:  Serial Dater – I’ve read every novel/novella released to date.

Characters: M/F

Sex: Yes, descriptive.


HEA: Yes

Standalone: Yes.  Book 1 in the Sweet Addiction series.