****4 ‘Cinderella With a Twist’ STARS****

I’ve been reading Jackie Ashenden’s books for years.  I fell in love with her dynamic voice and complex characters mixed with a little bit of angst and a whole lotta attitude.  So, to say I was excited when I discovered she would be writing a series of modern day fairytale re-telling’s would be a lie.  I was over the moon as this current trend as quickly become a favorite.  Add that in with one of my go-to authors and I’m locked in my reading cave in booked-out bliss.

“There was a…fire in her.  A fire he’d never seen in any other woman, or at least not one that burned so brightly.”

You wouldn’t think to find your soulmate in the dinner line at a local shelter.  That’s just what Xavier De Santis (H) did – and he’s not too sure what to make of it just yet.  Savvy businessman with a bit of charm and a lot of ego, Xavier is used to getting what he wants and only thinking about himself.  He’s certainly no prince charming.

“He liked being the center of attention, and when the spotlight wasn’t on him he started to get antsy.”

Mia’s (h) rules for surviving the streets:  don’t make friends, watch your back, protect your belongings at all cost, be careful in shelter’s – they’re not always safe, oh and…don’t talk with handsome, delicious smelling, egotistical, pretentious jack@sses serving the dinner line at the shelter.

“He looked like a god and she didn’t trust men who looked like gods.”

One of the things I love about this troupe is seeing where the author takes the reimagined storyline.  The billionaire and the homeless virgin.  It sounds straight forward, right?  It is and It isn’t.  Xavier’s not the kind of billionaire you expect – babbling and stuttering at Mia when they meet and although Mia’s backstory is heartbreaking she’s no pushover – no one and no circumstance is going to get in her way of accomplishing her dreams.  It takes time for Xavier to win over Mia enough to get more than one word out of her.  I appreciated this pacing and slow burn of the story.  It was realistic and re-enforced how guarded Mia is – earning her trust is not easy.  The patience and care Xavier showed Mia was heart squishingly dazzling and made the butterflies in my tummy swirl.  In the same vein, Mia getting obstinate Xavier to unload his guilt and vulnerabilities was both heartwarming and frustrating at the same time.

“It was weird being concerned for another person’s safety, to feel responsible for it, especially since he’d never felt anything like it before.”

Beneath its swoon worthy moments, The Billionaire’s Virgin manages to deliver lust, love and a little bit of angst all while making sure that the ‘glass slipper’ fits.  Combined with well-developed characters and smoking schmexy times, it’s a definite must read!

“Stupid Billionaire.  All I ever wanted was you.”

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K’s Category: 3rd date, multiple novels read by author to date.

Characters: M/F


Sex: Yes, descriptive

HEA: Yes

Standalone: Yes.